Certification Leed Themaverde AMO

Environmental Certification Consulting
ThemaVerde services comprise an all-encompassing process for environmental certification assistance (LEED, BREAM, HQE and others)
Certification management, design and construction supervision, technical modeling requirements (LCA, Energy Modeling, Daylight Study).

Certification Leed Themaverde Commissioning

Quality-control process covering all technical trades and building envelope to ensure that the requirements of the building owner are met throughout the construction process. From initial design to building operation, ThemaVerde provides the technical expertise at the core of your project.

Certification Leed Themaverde Simulation Thermique

Energy Modeling
With leading software and experienced energy modeling engineers, ThemaVerde models and analyses your building’s energy consumption behavior to guide design choices towards energy conservation, efficiency and comfort.

Certification Leed Themaverde Etude Ensoleillement

Daylight Analysis
Our team analyses architectural design and various related factors to maximize daylight penetration and ensure optimal experience for the people inside.

Certification Leed Themaverde Cycle de vie

Building Life Cycle Analysis
Through the study and comparing of the environmental impacts of a wide range of construction options over the life cycle of the building, from the extraction of materials to product elimination, we help you find the best project’s options.


ThemaVerde provides comprehensive consulting services to support clients and project teams throughout project design and construction.
Our objective: To provide the seamless integration of architectural ambition, environmental performance and economic solutions.

DESIGN phase

ThemaVerde is adeptly engaged during every project design phase in order to achieve an ideal incorporation of certification requirements. The principal steps of our services are:

 Initial feasibility assessment
 Development of customized project certification checklist
 Implementation of certification management
 Conduction of technical studies and assessment of options
 Integration of all necessary specifications and certification requirements
 Assistance in the selection of contractors


During the building construction phase, we ensure that the construction team is mobilized to meet all LEED certification requirements throughout our work towards the achievement of a common goal.
Our methodology relies on the presence of our team for all critical construction phases to track and verify the quality of certification implementation.

 Management of construction documentation for certification
 VISA of materials
 Implementation of construction tracking processes
 Implementation of pollution prevention construction guidelines
 Periodic site audits
 Preparation and finalization of Certification Documentation package
 Carrying out all communication with certifying Body

Certification Leed Themaverde logo

Themaverde’s team is composed of LEED Accredited Professionals with extensive work experience on LEED projects in the U.S and Europe.
Our knowledge and expertise guarantees the achievement of your targeted LEED certification.

Certification Leed Themaverde SPB

ThemaVerde provides your project team with access to its ‘SPB’ database (Sustainable Product Box) of indoor air quality compliant products for LEED, BREEAM and HQE Certifications to assist in your selection of low emitting products.


Overall quality assessment process to test and verify the building and its energy-related systems performance in order to guarantee their optimum operation.
The objective of this process is to ensure that the project meets both the energy design intent and the owner’s operational needs.
Based on our experience with a range of large-scale, high-end projects, ThemaVerde offers its clients the guarantee of a time-proven process, as well as the quality assurance that all equipment (HVAC, DHW, renewable energy and building envelope) is sized, installed, tested, calibrated and operate to meet all project requirements.

Overview of HVAC commissioning tasks :

Schematic Design

Review of performance criteria and Owner’s project’s requirements
Review of overall design vision
Commissioning Plan


In depth-review of design (HVAC drawings and specifications)
Develop functional testing procedures of equipment


Develop planning and functional tests plan
Supervise and conduct seasonal tests following building completion


lead and follow up with seasonal testings
Resolve all operation issues

Certification Leed Themaverde VBVP

ThemaVerde’s team is composed of certified CBCP professionals (Certified Building Commissioning Professional) with experience in the United States – the origin of the Commissioning.

Certification Leed Themaverde BREEAM

Commissioning has been required in LEED certification for over 20 years. It is also included in BREEAM certification, as well as HQE certification since October 2016.


Energy Modeling constitutes a key element of ThemaVerde’s services, comparing energy consumption reductions between various technical solutions proposed (building orientation, Envelope design, HVAC production and distribution, EnR, calibration, etc.).

Energy Modeling allows for the evaluation of anticipated energy consumption by end use, as well as demand and projected costs, during the design phase. These computer-based simulations take into account climate data, building construction, energy equipment and building occupation schedules.

Referencing our own past Energy Modeling analyses executed for highly technical, large-scale projects of over 20,000m2 as well as current leading studies, ThemaVerde ensures you a precise methodology of implementation and an unparalleled level of execution to provide you important decision making-tools.

Certification Leed Themaverde Design Builder

Certification Leed Themaverde eQuest

ThemaVerde conducts all Energy Modeling with the Design Builder software, in addition to eQUEST for select preliminary studies.


Natural Daylight Simulation interacts with different topics related to LEED requirements, including the optimization of energy, lighting quality, and thermal comfort.

These requirements are addressed as early as possible in the design process. From a technical standpoint, they will impact factors including window locations, glass types, glare control devices, artificial lighting devices, and the color of interior finishes (all to remain sustainable and within budget range).

These simulations are carried out using DIVA for Rhino, DIAlux, Radiance, and Daylight software, in order to verify the minimum light exposure in DF (Daylight Factor), sDA (Spatial Daylight Autonomy), ASE (Annual Sunlight Exposure), and luminosity, in adherence to all certification guidelines and necessary technical specifications.


ThemaVerde conducts Life Cycle Analysis in order to evaluate the environmental impacts of a building over the course of its existence in regards to six key elements :
 Global warming
 Ozone layer depletion
 Acidification potential
 Eutrophication potential
 The formation of tropospheric ozone
 Depletion of non-renewable energy resources

Our objective is to identify the elements of the building that hold the most detrimental environmental impact and to assist your team in the choice of materials that permanently reduce environmental impact over the long-term.

Carried out early in the construction process, these studies allow for the evaluation of a variety of construction options in the realization of projects that play an important role in the progression of a global effort to reduce our ecological footprint.

Our team provides clients with expertise and guidance over the course of this process through our recognized and proven methodology encompassing various environmental certifications, allowing for optimal project execution and the pragmatic solution of all challenges.